Club Officers

Ruth Fisher


Square Dancing is one of my passions, along with my son, dog, friends, creative activities and career. Dancing in a square to a caller three times a week gives me such joy and energy that I want to share it with everyone.

Desiree Elliott

Vice President

Square Dancing since 1991, Desiree took some time off and returned in 2019. She has extensive volunteer organization experience and assists with our pre-class reviews.

Jim Gilbreth


Judith Fisher


Judy became active in 2013, learning both parts (male and female) right away. As someone who loves this activity, she is not only active with the Ribbons & Souls, but ASqD as well serving as their Treasurer and Insurance Director.

Diane Isaacs

Newsletter Editor

Jan Bartholomew

Associated Square Dancers Delegate

Pamela Bailis & Fredi Levitt

Callers & Cuers

Kat Ferson


Shan Cretin

Class Coordinator

Richard Marken

Class Coordinator

Nancy Lippey

Advertising Open Square & Blue Book

Diane Isaacs


Julie Davanzo & Amelia Kacena

Dance Kitchen Scheduling

Ruth Fisher

Dance Themes

Nancy Lippey

Flier Design

Alan Lubberts

Federation Representative

Judy Fisher


Linda Hoffman


Alan Lubberts


Desiree Elliott

Publicity Chair

It is my privilege to coordinate the outstanding volunteers who specialize in the many different platforms we use for outreach.

Babs Schwartz

Special Events

Ilene Martin


Jan Bartholomew


Linda Harris


Desiree Elliott


This is definitely a new challenge for me - but please let me know if you spot anything!

Diane Isaacs


Pamela Bailis & Madeline Sprints

Anniversary Dance

Jan Bartholomew (Chair); Michaelyn Duboff & Jane Gold

Class Refreshments

Claire Tucker & Judy Fisher

Installation Dinner

Fredi Levitt, Shan Cretin, Ruth Fisher, Rick Marken


Madeline Sprints (Chair), Nancy Howell, Phyllis Bass, Michaelyn Duboff, Alternates: Annie Mimmo & Claire Tucker

Phone Coordinator